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Religious law changes

If the proposed changes to the Religious Basic Act (宗教基本法) go ahead, it will effectively remove religious groups from government oversight.

This is an extremely dangerous crossroads in Taiwan’s democracy, as it will allow the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), as well as future governments, to substitute its religious tentacles to manipulate society, and also allow political corruption to flourish.

The DPP is presently enacting correct political reform in dismantling the myriad web of patronage the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) established, but this change to the law would see Taiwan reversing these progressive reforms.

Already present religious groups and charities are under a cloud of suspicion for lack of financial transparency, exploitation of volunteers and powerful political patronage.

Taiwan is facing a treacherous path with this religious law.

Let us hope enlightened citizens will express outrage at this threat to its newly won, flourishing democracy.

Michael Woods


Funding epiphany

I would like to propose a simple solution to fund all of Taiwan’s debts. Be it bailing out the National Health Insurance, paying for new weaponry, stabilizing the New Taiwan dollar, paying for military pensions, or whatever.

The way to do this is to fine anyone on the MRT NT$1,000 if they are caught using their smartphone while getting on or off a train or while walking up or down the stairs.

As so many people do this daily, within a few months all Taiwan’s funding problems would be solved!

Obviously, this is sarcasm, but why, after all these years, does MRT management still allow this unsafe, rude and selfish behavior to continue?

Marc Plumb


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