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The CCP dragon’s hegemonic path

By Wayne Pajunen

Cellphones are marketed as benign two-way communication devices, but Huawei and ZTE are mandated to serve Beijing as servers for population control at home and capable of corporate theft anywhere.

With invasive CCP resources pervading abroad Australia retaliated when “the government passed two bills aimed at curbing foreign [CCP] political influence.”

“Chinese tech giant Huawei will be excluded from participating in Australia’s 5G mobile network, concerned that allowing Huawei to help build the network would create national security risks,” an Australian Broadcasting Corp report said.

It is expected that the CCP will continue to incrementally expand influence and territory and, as the Mandarin aphorism goes: “Acquire an inch to advance a foot.”

From grand macro-construction to turn South China Sea atolls into military outposts to publicly debase and derecognize Taiwan’s nationhood with micro-coercion of all international airlines, Chinese expansionism is pervasive and charted.

Without contrary motivation, history tells the CCP will continue denying the freedom, debate and diversity at home perceived necessary to nourish a healthy society and citizenry.

This leaves the free world wise to prepare for the imbalance of a further malnourished China wielding superior weight abroad as its economic might grows.

While China’s regional neighbors — Taiwan and Australia — actively resist CCP expansion, distance has so far insulated North Americans and Europeans from the dragon’s singe.

However, in the interconnected world of today, distance cannot be morally accepted as an excuse to insulate us from the Uighurs’ cry and from their human rights.

In light of the cultural genocide and brutality inflicted on the Uighurs, Beijing must be confronted.

Adopted with eyes on Russian President Vladimir Putin, the US and Canada’s Magnitsky acts should consider sanctions to hold Xi and his CCP comrades accountable.

As humanity becomes ever more connected, the time has come for the free world to evaluate the dragon’s incessant hegemonic path and act accordingly.

Wayne Pajunen is a consultant, political writer and former political aide at Canada’s House of Commons.

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