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Real ‘poison’ is anti-gay thinking

By Chu Yu-hsun 朱宥勳

If people who oppose homosexuality did some field research on the teaching materials on the students themselves, they would discover that the students reflexively associate the ideas of respect and equality with gender-equality education.

The curriculum has to do with morality; there is no emphasis on factual or technical content like sex positions, as LGBT-unfriendly people might imagine.

Lee and others like him might not be aware why the problem is so serious.

Lee calls LGBT people “poison,” but educational reforms aim to establish a system of morality that can eradicate a kind of “poison.”

This “poison” is precisely the kind of discriminatory thinking to which people like Lee cling.

To discriminate against LGBT people is not just an outdated way of thinking, it is more than that: It is a sinister ideology.

Chu Yu-hsun is an author.

Translated by Julian Clegg

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