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The detractors say that English is already popularly taught at all levels of school in Taiwan as a second language, and that is good enough. To promote it as the second official language would be to openly say that China is substandard, while endorsing the US.

English is an international language and absolutely empowers Taiwanese to compete in the global market if we can handle it as our mother language.

Take Singaporeans and Filipinos as example: They have the benefit of being fluent in English and easily gain employment on cruise liners.

All the chef positions are occupied by them and not Chinese. Do not be surprised; It is because they are better at an international language.

So, if the government can improve the learning environment for the younger generation, so that they do not need to spend extra on tutoring to polish their English skills, it would definitely empower them to compete in the international market.

Politically, Taiwanese should not be limited to Mandarin only, as Taiwan is not part of China. The status of Taiwan today is not the outcome of the Chinese Civil War, but the San Francisco Peace Treaty after World War II.

Having English as the second official language would not only enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese overseas, but also empower our international involvement.

John Hsieh

Hayward, California

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