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Help me recover my dogs

I was detained in Taiwan over a complaint and tortured for 27 days in a detention center in Taipei. This was between Nov. 5 and Nov. 30, 2016. When released, I could easily prove my innocence and was declared innocent, but because these things take time I was forced to stay in Taiwan until May 28 last year.

Four people helped me to survive in Taiwan. I am very grateful to them, but I still cannot repay them for their kindness.

However, I have two dogs in Japan, where we live. They are my brothers of 11 and eight years old. My wife returned to Japan after my detention, on my request, to find a way to take care of them, before coming back to help me.

She asked the Belgian embassy and was pointed to Arkbark, an organization that helps animals.

However, she was forced to sign a document, which gave the organization temporary ownership so they could take care of them should they get sick. At least that was what they said.

We kept in regular contact from Taiwan with e-mail and telephone, and they agreed to return them to me on my return to Japan.

However, that changed after my stay in Taiwan took so long. Now I have not seen my brothers since Nov. 5, 2016. The agency has given them to foster families and they mention on their Web site that “the former owner is deceased,” and they did the same in a newspaper article.

My dogs look terribly sad, and they were so happy with us. I have tried to offer money and sponsorships, and I have been to court and to the police.

I have asked help from social media, the press and I have been on two hunger strikes, but nothing moves the hearts of Arkbark.

It is strange. This organization has only one reason to exist as an NPO [nonprofit organization], which is to make dogs and families happy. Yet they find pleasure in destroying my dogs and my family. They have changed the names of my dogs and stolen their expensive leashes and collars for their own dogs.

Who would do that, if they really cared about the well-being of a dog?

My dogs have a happy family. They are cocker spaniels. They only give their hearts once, to a human being. George and Jagger are my brothers.

I ask and beg the people of Taiwan to look into their hearts and to help my wife and my family by putting pressure on Arkbark to return them to us.

Please go to our Facebook page — GeorgeJagger Maes — and leave a message of support. Help us by e-mailing and calling Arkbark in Japan to get our boys back.

My wife and I, and also my two brothers, even separated from each other, are desperate. We have no money anymore to pay lawyers.

I want nothing for myself, but my wife and my dogs do not deserve to be victims twice by a mistake which happened in Taiwan.

Everything in this message I can prove, and I will answer each and every question and respond to every message of support. Thank you.

Robert Maes


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