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Do not sweat the diplomatic allies

By Ben Goren

It should put “Republic of China” in parentheses on all official documents, Web sites, and embassies and consulate nameplates rather than “Taiwan” as is currently the case.

Fourth, it should hire security for all events where it has a presence internationally, such as trade fairs, school exchanges and sports events. Anyone or government-paid agitators seeking to bully Taiwanese participating peacefully should know that Taiwan will not let itself be a victim so easily any more.

Finally, it should demand that no Taiwanese organization that participates on the international stage and that formally represents Taiwan can use the name “Chinese Taipei” or any other self-depreciating variant thereof. This should start with the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

There is no more time for Taiwan to walk with its head down and hope that China will let it quietly exist or thrive on the international stage. China wants to destroy the very concept of Taiwan as a nation or a people, and erase them from history.

There is no danger of offending a nation that regards your existence as an offense. While it must maintain a sufficient military deterrent to deter Chinese adventurism, Taiwan should hold its head up high and declare itself proudly, regardless of how many allies it has. It might find that that attracts more true allies in the long run.

Ben Goren is an essayist, businessman and long-term resident of Taiwan.

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