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Self-sufficiency can buck the CCP

By Chang Yan-ting 張延廷

The CCP is also good at using the carrot-and-stick approach.

During a regular air and sea long-range exercise, it can arbitrarily announce exercises aimed at Taiwan, pick a land-based troop exercise in a coastal area and combine the two into a set of joint exercises.

The intent is to show that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is militarily superior to Taiwan, and to stress that its aircraft can circle and harass Taiwan at will.

With today’s global interconnectivity and the comprehensive power of national armies, the cost to China of taking military action against Taiwan would be too high — it could not initiate military action lightly.

China is engaging in psychological warfare to intimidate Taiwan through the use of military displays and to show that war is an extension of politics.

The law of the jungle is not the way to resolve the cross-strait issue. It should be settled through free competition provided by democratic systems — for anyone on the right side of history, it is not difficult to see what drives the situation.

Taiwan should speed up its global deployment and integration with the international community, no matter the outcome in the Strait. The nation needs a flexible China policy, sustainable and prosperous economic development, stable alliances and active exchanges with other nations — all important components of continued cross-strait peace.

The nation’s defenses are well prepared for a long war, making military action against Taiwan a risky proposition for China. This is the basic status of the geopolitical situation in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan must continue to strengthen its self-defense capabilities and remain aware of China’s military activities in the Taiwan Strait, which have lately comprised psychological warfare.

It must also help maintain a regional balance militarily and use its deterrent capabilities to maintain a secure Taiwan Strait.

Chang Yan-ting is an adjunct professor at National Defense University.

Translated by Edward Jones and Perry Svensson

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