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Protecting our shorelines

Your timely editorial (“Be proactive on environmental care,” April 7, page 8) reminds me of my unforgettable experiences while swimming in the fascinating ocean near Yilan.

It is true that “Taiwan’s beaches and ocean have long suffered in comparison to the beauty and quality of their Southeast Asian counterparts.”

Swimming far into the ocean, I have been stunned to find plastic bags and garbage everywhere. What I have seen justifies your comments that “our shoreline and reef systems have not escaped humankind’s destructive tendencies.”

One of my favorite outdoor activities is swimming. No matter where it is, I can swim. My first experience of swimming in the ocean was memorable. I was 14 years old then. I still remember that I was a little afraid to jump into the water at first, but was later stunned by the magnificent underwater view. The ocean is much deeper than I first thought and it was full of many little blue fishes, seaweed and huge stones covered in algae.

When I swam farther, I saw lots of little jellyfish. However, I was a little bit uncomfortable while swimming around the trash. I realized that people had already damaged the ocean.

It is time to stop people from jeopardizing our natural environment.

Your suggestion that a proactive approach to protecting our environment must be adopted is justifiable. It is time we do our best not to pollute our environment so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of Taiwan’s ocean and land as we used to.

Lu Yi-shan

Jhudong Township,

Hsinchu County

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