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Good things happening in Taiwan

By David Pendery

Is socialism with Chinese characteristics a viable alternative to what we have examined here? Not a few people have said so, and this could represent a very different end than that posed by Fukuyama. Or it might be simply the existence of more than one alternative — and not an “end” at all.

This question might be a toss-up for the time being, although I suspect that a more likely outcome will be China adopting free, liberal politics in the future, following the global trend.

And so, in this light, has Taiwan reached the end of its own history and are its last people walking the ground of its free polity?

In the end, probably not — and Fukuyama would agree, writing that “we are not at that point now,” and our culmination is “provisionally inconclusive.”

I do not suspect that Taiwan will be backsliding into authoritarianism anytime soon, but the relationship with China is a very, very big historical development that awaits a conclusion.

This is the subject of another essay, but whatever happens, I feel that Taiwanese will be making good things happen, exercising and expanding their free commonwealth and liberty in ways that I can hardly imagine.

And get ready China, for, as George Washington said: “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

David Pendery is an associate professor at National Taipei University of Business.

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