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We have trashed the oceans — now we are trashing space

Experts say rocket emissions affect our climate and cause ozone loss, but too few people seem to care

By Kevin McKenna  /  The Guardian

“This accumulation heats the upper stratosphere, changing chemical reaction rates and likely leading to ozone loss,” he said. “The 2018 assessment is really the first one to have a substantial section on rocket emissions, not just a passing thought — we now understand that the climate and ozone impacts of rocket exhaust are completely intertwined.”

If we are discussing space, then we ought to be discussing the effect of all these rockets on our potential neighbors in the galaxy.

I have always found it curious that despite spending even more billions over decades trying to locate other forms of intelligent life, we have had nary a cheep back — not even a single intergalactic WhatsApp message.

Either our neighbors are a rude shower or they simply do not exist.

However, what if there is another, more sinister explanation: They do exist, but are so far ahead of us in intelligence that they have created the means to put themselves out of our reach, perhaps with a giant jamming device.

This would explain all those sightings of extraterrestrial spacecraft and kidnappings. Every so often, they check us out to see if we have advanced to a stage where they feel that they can have a reasonable chat with us. Such visits are bound to have left them disappointed.

In recent months, I can imagine one of their scouts reporting back: “Look, 2,000 years ago, the leader of the civilized world in Rome gave his horse a seat in his Cabinet — now the most civilized country in the world has appointed some medieval bampot called [US President Donald] Trump. They’re still savages.”

I can only imagine, too, how resentful they are getting toward us for disfiguring their neighborhood with obsolete metal junk. If I were them, I would be sorely tempted to invade us to sort this out, or simply send a short, sharp reminder that our actions have consequences.

Mind how you go.

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