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Two terms might be enough

Former Chiayi mayor Huang Min-hui (黃敏惠) of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) has announced that she is to make another run for the job in the end-of-year local elections.

Huang said the reason she is returning to the fray is that she hopes to restore the city to its former glory. When I heard that, I really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Perhaps Huang wants to ridicule Chiayi Mayor Twu Shiing-jer (涂醒哲)?

However, the question we should ask is this: If she had done a good job in her nine years as mayor — her second term was extended by one year — then why did the KMT lose the city in the first place?

Anyone who wants to participate in the election can say whatever they want about what they are going to do during their four-year term if they win, but there really is no need to criticize the incumbent and imply that they are completely worthless.

As a resident of Chiayi, I have seen over the past three years how — in addition to doing things that are in the interest of every city resident, such as repairing roads, fixing street lights and addressing environmental, health and cultural issues — the city has accomplished at least 100 concrete achievements.

There have also been many big construction projects, such as an elevated railway project, a transshipment center and an improved wastewater sewer system.

Each of these issues were long-standing unsolved problems, but Twu and his administration have found ways to overcome all of them.

All of these projects are now under way, and officials and politicians at every level, regardless of party affiliation, were invited to attend the opening ceremonies. These are achievements that speak for themselves.

Furthermore, Huang has already served two terms as mayor. It will be interesting to see what the general public thinks about her running for the same position one more time.

Children that had just started first grade when Huang was first elected mayor are now old enough to vote. Will they really feel that Huang is a fresh alternative?

Chang Hui-sheng


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