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Self-rule is the only option for the nation

By Pan Kuan 潘寬

Many pro-unification supporters and those who do not support Taiwanese independence ground their argument on the assumption that if Taiwan declares independence, China will declare war. Yet, a careful analysis shows that the logic behind this reasoning is flawed — will Taiwanese independence absolutely lead to war, and will avoiding to declare independence guarantee that Taiwan will be safe?

Just think about how China uses tanks to deal with its own people. As long as Taiwan continues to be entangled with China, it will have to continue to face these risks.

China’s tyrants are too numerous to count — faced with such a brutal, tyrannical government, how can pro-unification supporters continue to shout slogans about “peaceful reunification?” The facts are there for all to see — in addition to the oppression of Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, there was the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989, when China brutally cracked down on protesters.

Innumerable dissidents and human rights lawyers have also been made to disappear by the Chinese government, while people running a bookstore in Hong Kong went missing for publishing books and Taiwanese human rights advocate Lee Ming-che (李明哲) was arrested on charges of “subverting the state” after posting Internet articles.

Even Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo (劉曉波) was imprisoned on the same charge.

Facing this kind of enemy, how could some people expect that unification will bring peace? While some people are happy saying that “both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family,” China has never denied that it wants Taiwan, not its people, and recently there has been speculation by the media that China has plans to attack Taiwan.

There is no longer any reason to cling to the wishful thinking that the unification of Taiwan and China will be peaceful.

However, what about maintaining the “status quo?” Is it possible to fight for independence and sovereignty under the name of the Republic of China (ROC)? After all, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) won the Chinese Civil War and won the right to represent China. Unless the PRC disappears, it will be as good as impossible to gain full national sovereignty under the name the Republic of China.

“Taiwanese independence will lead to war, so we do not want Taiwanese independence” and “peaceful reunification without war” are preposterous tricks.

A look at all the atrocities China commits makes it clear that lack of independence or unification will be worse. Instead of being timid, the nation should use its geopolitical advantages as a gateway for maritime trade and the key position in the first island chain to contain China, and to declare independence and establish autonomy as soon as possible.

As long as Taiwan is not independent or a normal nation, China will continue to claim sovereignty over Taiwan. In the event that war breaks out between the two sides, and China continues to claim that it is a domestic affair, how will other nations be able to intervene?

The Kurds and the Catalans are in a much more difficult situation, as they are surrounded by strong enemies on all sides, but they continue to fight against all odds — why should Taiwanese give up when they have the Taiwan Strait as a natural defense line?

There are risks with seeking independence, but unification or maintaining the ROC could lead to bloody suppression by China. What will be the choice of Taiwanese?

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