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Politicians, be like athletes

In the Taipei Summer Universiade, Taiwanese won many gold, silver and bronze medals that unprecedentedly outnumbered those won in any other previous international sports events. All Taiwanese should feel proud of, and salute, their athletes.

The fame of Taiwan has been lifted way up high just like the Formosat-5 satellite — the first to be completely manufactured in Taiwan — which was launched successfully into space.

The Taiwanese athletes have lit up Taiwan to the world. Their uniforms showed the emblem “TPE,” but they did not come from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. They come from different places in Taiwan and included many Aborigines.

Taiwan is neither Chinese nor solely Taipei. It is a mistake to call the Taiwanese team “the Chinese team.”

The Taiwanese little league team won the world championship in Michigan. Although the team players wore the “CT” uniforms, they were 100 percent from Taiwan rather than Connecticut. Congratulations to the Taiwanese boys.

The players of a little league team had to wear sneakers wrapped with black plastic because they could not afford to buy leather shoes.

A moving story during the Universiade was Japanese soccer players helping to clean Linkou Park. In Japanese, kirei means both “clean” and “beautiful.”

It was depressing to see that green flags with the map of Taiwan were confiscated and discarded into trash cans by police officers at the entrance to the opening ceremony. Foreign athletes might think the incident unimaginable in the host nation.

The Universiade athletes tried their best to succeed in spirited competition. They did show sportsmanship, even if they did not win any medals.

The politicians from the ruling and opposition parties should all be more like the athletes and light up Taiwan in all fields, including name rectification. If they lose an election, they should show sportsmanship — rather than opposition for the sake of opposition.

Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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