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Clowns in parliament

Another day, another front page with legislators making total fools of themselves in the contact sport that is Taiwanese politics. It must end!

The people of Taiwan have elected their officials to make decisions. Intentionally impeding the important work of the government must be punished. If this kind of behavior meant a night in jail, I bet that would fix the problem — and fast.

In some cases, I can understand the passion that can lead to such protests, but in such cases, a visit to jail would be a worthy sacrifice to show one’s conviction.

At present, these clowns enjoy making daily fools of themselves and their country by engaging in their clownish tirades.

Would it be a violation of their freedom to jail them for physically protesting? Not at all.

The right to free speech does not give you the right to shut down other people’s speech, but that is exactly what is happening.

What this behavior shows is not the passion of informed debate. It is the childishness of party politics. A legislative sergeant at arms or bailiff would be a welcome addition if it would end these near-daily shenanigans in the legistalure.

Aaron Andrews


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