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The Republican Party has to die for the US to win this election

The Grand Old Party needs to jettison its extreme far right and become a moderate center-right bloc to put an end to the hateful rhetoric harming US politics

By Thomas Friedman  /  NY Times News Service

The bigger Clinton’s margin of victory, the less dependent she would be, I hope, on the left wing of her party, and the more likely she would work with Republicans, as she vowed during the last debate, by “finding common ground, because you have to be able to get along with people to get things done in Washington.”

I say “hope,” because I do not know who the real Hillary is — the more US Senator Bernie Sanderish one speaking publicly or the more former US president Bill Clintonish one who spoke privately to Goldman Sachs.

The nightmare scenario — ruling out, God forbid, a Trump victory — is that Clinton wins with a slim majority and the Republicans hold the House and the Senate. The Democratic left would have a stranglehold on Clinton while Trump, who would start his own TV network and movement, would keep the Republican base in a state of permanent anger, intimidating every Republican lawmaker who contemplated compromise. If that happens, the US would be adrift.

One more wish. Within hours of the leak of the Access Hollywood video showing Trump saying vile things about women, WikiLeaks, which seems to have become an arm of Russian intelligence, leaked Democratic Party e-mails meant to embarrass Clinton.

The Clinton camp suggested that Russia was trying to tilt the election to Trump. If so, crushing Trump at the polls is the best way for Americans to say to Russian President Vladimir Putin: “You can manipulate your elections, but you can’t manipulate ours.”

However, please, Lord, let that not be the only good thing to come out of this election.

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