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Call for US bases

A recent article explores the use of pre-emptive strikes against the China mainland (“An uncomfortable defense option?” Sept. 7, page 8). The author discusses recent Rand Corp studies, but then he does not disclose an organizational bias of past Rand authors. The Rand authors provide a subliminal political message on the futility of defending Taiwan against Chinese military threats. For Taiwan, the best strategic solution is a US operated anti-missile system deployed in South Korea. China is now spooked.

The better strategy of pre-emptive strikes against China would be the return of US military bases on Taiwan and Penghu Islands. A US-operated anti-missile system on Taiwan would provide a very strong deterrent to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) missiles aimed at both.

There is no need for a Taiwan-only strategy, because the US presence on Taiwan would telegraph a political message to Beijing. The US Missile Defense Command is prepared to engage and destroy the enemies of the US in the Far East with its rockets. The Chinese have failed to heed warnings about the South China Sea and their military aggression is creating new military bases.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political majority should be greasing the political rails for the permanent return of US military bases to Taiwan. It would be a political success that would endear the DPP politicians to the people of Taiwan and it would provide the newest form of defense services under the Taiwan Relations Act.

China would be deterred from a pre-emptive attack on Taiwan because of US anti-missile defense systems on Taiwan. The DPP should exhibit more hawkish positions against PRC missiles, and the Taiwan Relations Act is the best leverage in achieving this objective.

The DPP must act boldly, and it must act now.

Tom Chang

Alhambra, California

Lizard bounty warning

I read with some concern your article about the Chiayi County Government offering a per-specimen cash reward for people who capture or kill exotic lizards, such as the brown anole or green iguana (“Chiayi offers lizard bounty,” Sept. 9, page 3).

My concern is that many of the people catching these lizards for the bounty will show little concern for the methods used to capture them. As a result, catch/kill traps will likely be used, which maximize the number of lizards caught with little concern for the other insects and animals that will be trapped along with them. All manner of beetles, butterflies, frogs and indigenous lizards could be harmed in an effort to obtain as many invasive species as possible.

Consequently, this program is far more likely to be detrimental, rather than beneficial, to Taiwan’s already over-stressed and fragile ecosystems.

Richard Wright


S Korea no comparison

Lee Min-yung’s (李敏勇) recent article comparing Taiwan and South Korea is rhetorical nonsense with no facts to support it (“Taiwan festers; South Korea grows,” Sept. 11, page 6).

Taiwan is a much better place to live than South Korea. South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world. One of the reasons is because there is more cultural pressure there than here to be good-looking and financially successful.

South Korea has the highest rate of alcoholism in the world. Cannot deal with the pressure, so get drunk.

Tattoos are illegal in South Korea. Again, the pressure to conform.

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