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The Liberty Times Editorial: Beijing, Ma attempt to trap Taiwan

The cross-strait political and business interests — protected by Team Chinese Beijing — would be nourished and strengthened by China following a change of government, so that they would be waiting for an opportunity to “take back Taiwan.”

Chen holds Taiwanese democracy in great contempt. During a particularly sensitive time, with a presidential campaign ongoing, he said that he believed the Taiwanese “will make the correct decision, although it sometimes takes time to arrive at the right decision.” Then, using the example of Nazi Germany during World War II, Chen went on to say that the German public voted for Adolf Hitler to become their leader, which caused unimaginable suffering throughout the world, including to Germans themselves.

Chen is attempting to create a sense of fear to threaten voters with veiled threats. The implied meaning behind his words is that, from last year’s Sunflower movement to the nine-in-one elections, Taiwanese have been making incorrect choices.

On the other hand, Chen poured praise on Taiwan’s pro-China media, saying, “Speaking the truth is an important mark of human progress,” while saluting Taiwanese media organizations which supported the cross-strait service trade agreement that triggered the Sunflower movement.

Chen launched an even more thinly veiled attack on Taiwan’s democratic process when he said: “Only when cross-strait relations are good will Taiwanese be able to live happily. I think [Democratic Progressive Party] Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) should understand this.”

This is the age-old formula that Beijing uses when launching a fresh political offensive against Taiwan: Accept the so-called “1992 consensus” and relations with China would improve and Taiwanese would live happily and prosper.

However, Ma’s “Team Chinese Taipei” has accepted the “1992 consensus” — and boasts of cross-strait relations being at a historic high — yet life in Taiwan is getting worse. The cross-strait political and business interests have monopolized the so-called “peace dividend,” while the economy has stagnated. The higher the educational level, the higher the unemployment rate; while wages have fallen back to where they were 15 years ago and the disparity between rich and poor has continued to increase. Furthermore, the “red supply chain” is gobbling up the “peace dividend.”

Team Chinese Beijing and Team Chinese Taipei are conducting a coordinated campaign to trap Taiwan in a pincer maneuver. It will soon become apparent whether this strategy receives support at the ballot box.

Contrary to Chen’s claims, the lesson of the past seven years is that the public made an error in judgement in the 2008 and 2012 elections by placing their trust in pro-Taiwan lies which allowed Team Chinese Taipei to neuter Taiwanese democracy, break its political system, drain its economy and force its people into unemployment.

From the Sunflower movement to the nine-in-one elections, irrespective of political leaning, ethnicity or social class, a new civic consciousness is blossoming in every corner of the nation.

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