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Ma-Xi meeting a betrayal

“No agreements, no agreements, no agreements” so the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) mantra went before President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), tail between his legs, delusions aplenty, lips puckered, crawled to Singapore to kiss Chinese President Xi Jinping’s (習近平) ring (politely speaking).

Ma lied when he said he would never meet China’s leader during his administration. He lied when he said no agreements. He betrayed Taiwan, a name he likely did not dare utter during his meeting with Xi.

The KMT kept referring to the erstwhile poorly-timed meeting between Xi and Ma as an “historic event.” It is true that there were historic aspects of the meeting — historic betrayal, historic weakness by Ma, historic mistake — but in keeping with the deep-rooted fear of most Taiwanese that Ma would do something to kill Taiwan in the waning moments of his dismal administration, this leader with an approval rating of about 9 percent met Xi and did all he could to sandbag Taiwan, trying with his last gasp in office to hitch Taiwan inexorably to China.

His aim and actions were designed to appear to agree with Beijing that the only choices available between China and Taiwan are both within the fake “one China” principle, and Ma even neglected to point out that this faux doctrine has “different interpretations.”

Lame duck Ma has no authority, legal or moral, to bind Taiwan to such a thing. There still remains another possibility that sticks in both Xi’s and Ma’s respective craws, which is that China is China and Taiwan is Taiwan, a third possibility supported by at least 80 percent of Taiwanese. Of course, this would mean the end of the KMT’s raison d’etre and the death of China’s vicious hegemony.

Ma elucidated all that the KMT represents — unification at all costs.

Treason. Betrayal. Delusion. Surrender. Weakness. Last-ditch effort. Lies. Pathetic.

There are many words which might describe Ma’s gambit. Despite China’s determination to use the meeting for a soundbite and to try to push votes in January toward the KMT — the outcome ought to produce the exact opposite, now that voters have seen the KMT’s and the Chinese Communist Party’s true conspiracy of malice — and as some basis for some “agreement” between Taiwan and China.

Ma does not have this authority and does not represent the 80 percent of Taiwanese who do not wish to be unified with totalitarian one-party China.

Ma tried what most Taiwanese feared he would, he went to meet his Chinese master, bowed low and tried to surrender democratic Taiwan, using “peace” as a cover for his betrayal, witlessly bringing oppression to free Taiwanese and humiliating himself, and quite possibly all of Taiwan.

Ma must go down in infamy, a pathetic betrayer of all of the principles that make Taiwan a thriving, free and democratic contrast to the Chinese dictatorship.

Lee Long-hwa

Los Angeles, California

After the Ma-Xi meeting, CNN reported the event as “Taiwan & China: One China.”

This is conspicuous, but not legally binding, as the meeting took place between two individual parties without using their official titles.

The only outcome was that Ma enjoyed 81 seconds of ecstatic handshaking with Xi, which Ma had daydreamed about for years. Ma got drunk at the dinner with Xi and told reporters that he worked for Xi as a subordinate. A drunk person usually tells nothing but the truth.

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