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The death of the KMT

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is a dying dinosaur and it knows it. Its actions are those of desperation. It saw its approaching demise last year. President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) knew his free trade deal would be unpopular, so he tried to push it through in secret. The KMT is trying to maintain its control over Taiwan by rewriting history with its revisionist textbooks. Its efforts are failing. It got trounced in the nine-in-one elections last year and it is likely to lose the presidency next year.

Andres Chang


A need for nuclear power

I am rather surprised at the anti-nuclear power movement in Taiwan. Nuclear power remains the best source of energy, especially for a nation devoid of coal or hydroelectric resources.

The idea that solar or wind power can replace nuclear power is a dream. I reside in Australia where solar power and wind power has been extensively promoted and proved to be of great expense and little effect.

If Taiwan does not expand its nuclear energy program, it is likely to be faced with a massive energy importation cost. These are expenses which a nation in Taiwan’s position could utilize better elsewhere.

Given Taiwan’s position vis a vis China, I think those seeking to curtail the nuclear energy industry are doing the nation a disservice it can ill afford.

Gavan Duffy

Runcorn, Queensland, Australia

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