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Twilight of China-centric primacy

By Noah Buchan

Here are my 10 entries: Jhuoshuei River, veterans’ villages (眷村), Chiang Wei-shui (蔣渭水), taike (台客), Tan Ting-pho (陳澄波), Chineseness (華人性), the Wushe Incident (霧社事件), the light of Taiwan (台灣之光), a Republic of Taiwan constitution and Beautiful Island (美麗島).

As Liu did with his list, I chose some lesser-known items because knowledge of them necessitates knowledge of better-known items. So instead of choosing the freedom of speech and pro-democracy journalist Deng Nan-jung’s (鄭南榕), who self-immolated when police tried to arrest him for sedition, I chose the Republic of Taiwan constitution, which he wrote. Rather than choose the Japanese colonial era or the 228 Incident, I chose Tan Ting-pho, the Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese) name for the first painter to be accepted into a prestigious art fair in Japan during the Japanese colonial era, and who was shot and killed by Chinese soldiers on March 25, 1947, while trying to broker peace with them following the 228 Incident.

Go ahead, make your own list and disseminate it among your friends, family, schoolmates and colleagues. After all, Taiwan’s democracy and freedom of speech allow this to happen.

Noah Buchan is section chief of the Taipei Times Features section.

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