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Taiwan’s bottom line in Strait talks

By Michael Hsiao 蕭新煌

First, Taiwanese democracy must not be compromised or sacrificed.

Second, Taiwan’s future should be determined by its 23 million residents.

Third, the cross-strait “status quo” is that Taiwan, or the ROC, and China, or the PRC, do not represent each other and do not belong to each other.

Fourth, the “status quo” should be maintained. Cross-strait relations should also develop peacefully and with stability.

Fifth, to maintain the cross-strait “status quo” is to reject the “one China” or “one nation” principle or framework that is predicated on Taiwan’s unification with China.

Sixth, future cross-strait dialogue, exchanges and negotiations must be based on the principles of democracy, peace, safety and transparency.

No Taiwanese political party can cross these bottom lines set out by the public. Since the CCP has said that it has high hopes for Taiwanese, it should respect their bottom lines.

Michael Hsiao is director of Academia Sinica’s Institute of Sociology.

Translated by Ethan Zhan

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