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The Liberty Times Editorial: Patrician Ma ignores the students

Third, they say that they are not averse to challenge or competition, but that they do not want to face unfair competition or have their lives controlled by cut-throat capitalists working on both sides of the Taiwan Strait whom at any time in the future might abandon the nation’s work force in pursuit of cheap labor. This is why they feel they have to come out in defense of their homeland which they rely on to support their livelihoods.

The increasing number of protesters surrounding the Legislative Yuan only want an environment that gives young people the opportunity to develop and compete on a fair playing field.

Isn’t that the fundamental goal of any state? Why should we stand by watching, allowing a dictator and his party to trample over the principles of democracy, restore an authoritarian system and push through an unjust and unfair agreement without reviewing the details to determine whether it is equitable? What should the disadvantaged companies being sacrificed do and what should the response to constantly rising unemployment be?

Ma with his “Greater China” ideology wants to use economic integration to bring about political unification with China, however he keeps claiming that the pact is for the good of the Taiwanese economy. We must condemn this man who has abused his power with the result that entry-level salaries now are a measly NT$22,000.

The economy of Ma and his friends is not equivalent to the Taiwanese economy — it works against the interests of the nation’s economy as a whole. It deprives the young of all hope, does not benefit the majority of the public and allows the powerful to line their pockets with public funds. The group of 65 KMT legislators led by the party’s Policy Committee chief executive Lin Hung-chih (林鴻池) and convener of the legislature’s Internal Administration Committee Chang Ching-chung (張慶忠) must let us know if they are willing to turn Taiwan into a new Ukraine in the international media.

This is the first time in the nation’s history that the the Legislative Yuan has been occupied by the public. Commentators on US news TV station CNN asked if this was the death knell for Taiwan’s democracy, or if it represented a rebirth. Every citizen has the responsibility to say, “We are doing all we can to stop Taiwan’s democracy from walking down a dead-end road. We promise coming generations that they will have a fair and just future.”

Translated by Perry Svensson

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