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The US does not need to use its military might to curb these shows of strength, it just needs to put this power on the chess board and make other players believe in the consequences — economic or otherwise — they may face if they cross the “red lines” that Obama is fond of mentioning, but which have never materialized.

Russia’s violation of its 1994 treaty with the Ukraine, US and UK should be one such line. What will the rest of the world think if Putin blithely violates the pact as though treaties with the US mean nothing, and Obama discusses it with reporters like he is analyzing soup?

Taiwanese should watch what unfolds in Crimea and the Ukraine with keen interest. It could be the writing on the wall for the nation. Under present conditions, there is little assurance from the US that it will not stand idly by and watch as China waltzes into Taipei. As with Crimea, that would be a very difficult bell to unring.

Lee Long-hwa

Los Angeles, California

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