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Apps with attitude poised to take over the world

With the announcement of a mobile app that can help park your car, what other tasks will people give up trying to master in favor of allowing a machine to take control?

By Victoria Coren Mitchell  /  The Guardian, LONDON


Your TV may already be equipped with the system that records shows that you might like to watch, based on your viewing history. The new, improved version is just the same, but with the small modification that, if you attempt to record University Challenge or a particularly ambitious documentary, the “remote control-freak” will say: “Come now, let’s be realistic,” wipe the tape and replace it with The Only Way is Essex.


Just heard a great joke and want to share it? This app will listen carefully while you tell the one about the three nuns and the bicycle.

When you have finished, it will point out some key elements you forgot along the way and correct your punchline.


Many people enjoy playing word games directly against their computers, clicking the button after each move to see which higher-scoring word they could have played.

This new app extends the principle by revealing, after everything you ever say or do, a way in which you could have said or done it better.


You may use the calendar function on your smartphone. However, do be sure to update it in the app store, as this wonderful new version will remind you every day of exactly how old you are — along with a handy list of what other, more successful people had achieved by your age.

If you are over 25, the message will point out, every day: “John Keats was dead by now.”

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