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Uneducated Taiwanese

This is a late reaction to John Cheng’s comments on Facebook in response to the Liberty Times editorial in the Taipei Times (“Exchanges bolster China’s agenda,” Dec. 27, page 8).

Cheng asked: “Are Taiwanese weaker, more stupid and more frightened?”

Taiwanese are not weaker. They are fewer in numbers, but they are a very proud people.

Many Taiwanese have given their lives for freedom and they can do it again.

Taiwanese are not more stupid, they have just as much intelligence as anybody else. They just lack proper education.

Everybody knows that education standards in Taiwan are bad.

For example: A client visited from Germany, but he holds a passport from El Salvador.

Upon checking into a Hotel in Greater Taichung, the girls at the front desk could speak English.

They looked at the passport, talked to each other, giggled and then asked: “What country?”

On the passport, it states in very large lettering, “El Salvador.”

Uneducated people cannot think. They have no logic.

While at the bank to exchange money, he needed to show his passport again.

The girl asked: “What country?”

“El Salvador,” he answered.

She went to the bank manager. In the end they wrote Italy on the exchange slip.

Imagine a bank manager being that uneducated.

Are Taiwanese more frightened? Yes, they are frightened of the KMT, which is willing to give Taiwan to China free of charge.

They are frightened that China will rule Taiwan.

They are frightened of the weak opposition, consisting of old people who just want to stay in politics without taking any responsibility for governing, but like their pay check every month.

Gert Floor

Greater Taichung

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