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Opposition must argue its case

By Huang Kun-huei 黃昆輝

Some say that many media outlets are influenced by the KMT and the CCP, and that they cannot be beaten. Is this really how things are? When the Taiwan Solidarity Union expressed its opposition to the ECFA, people echoed the party’s comments.

The truth is that the public does not have a sufficient understanding of the ECFA, and they have been mislead by the KMT’s promotion of it.

By contrast, many academics and those involved in cultural pursuits like writers and musicians have come out in strong opposition to the recent signing of the service trade agreement. They have constantly sought to reveal the truth about it to the public. As a result, even opinion polls conducted by the Mainland Affairs Council have revealed that support for the agreement has dropped from 60 percent to 30 percent.

Others say that the opposition parties are in the minority in the legislature and that they will never be able to out-vote the KMT. The bill recently proposed in the legislature by the two main opposition parties to get Prosecutor-General Huang Shih-ming (黃世銘) to step down, the joint protests from the various party caucuses against China’s air defense identification zone as well as demands that the Ma administration should not provide China with flight plans, are all decisions made under strong public pressure. This proves that people will stand up against an inept government.

Opposition to the service trade agreement works on the same logic: The public must stand up and be counted.

Huang Kun-huei is the chairman of the Taiwan Solidarity Union.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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