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Third, Ma froze foreign relations. His administration stopped supporting the campaign for Taiwan’s independence, deferring to the UN. He blocked Taiwan’s opportunity to strengthen relations with other nations in order to promote his goal of “one China with two regions” and his stance that “the relationship between Taiwan and China are not an international relations issue.”

Fourth, he wants to weaken defense. He objected to an increase in the defense budget and weapons development as a signal to China that Taiwan is preparing to surrender.

Fifth, he allows Chinese capital to flow into Taiwan. He is allowing Chinese to do business and be employed in Taiwan. The result is that Chinese companies can employ Taiwanese. In the future, the Chinese boss will be able to tell Taiwanese what to do and when.

Sixth, Ma’s administration has been revising the time required for Chinese people to become Taiwanese citizens.

He is copying the so-called “human waves tactic” in Tibet.

There are other tactics, including the cross-strait service trade agreement and the peace treaty.

If Ma’s candidate wins the 2016 presidential election, Taiwan will become like either Hong Kong or Tibet.

Ken Huang

Murrieta, California

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