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Call for real patriots

When Taiwanese realize that China can not give them what they do not already have, there will be a public backlash. China spends all its time on the so-called “Taiwan issue” fashioning a tiny carrot and a giant stick. Which of these does it intend to use? China offers a fig leaf as clothing while holding a straight jacket behind its back. What is China after?

What China wants is diabolical: a sinister capitulation of Taiwanese. This desire stems from Beijing’s black-hearted jealousy for what Taiwan has, and what China can not provide its own people as long as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) exists.

China has taken in manufacturers and taught them the black art of corruption in the making of food products. China tells the world, “Hey, we are looking out for our people in the Taiwan region.”

In reality, they are doing everything in their power to flatten the Taiwanese landscape: Hollowing out the manufacturing area, giving incentives to move technology produced with the support of Taiwanese taxes to China for free, hollowing out the banking industry with soft, sweet words like: “Bring the money to China and your money will go further,” or just “go away.”

Those words will eventually stick like a thorn in the paw of every business that goes to China, because every promise it makes comes with a qualifier. The qualifier is, “You will do well, Mr Businessman, as long as you do not speak up for Taiwan in China, in Taiwan or anywhere, and we are watching you.”

If you are a businessman in China and you do not heed this warning, thugs will show up at your door to make it plain that the CCP means what it says or implies.

As long as the nation remains as it is now, it is a threat to the CCP. Slowly but surely, that threat must, in the eyes of the Chinese, be crushed. Democracy, the rule of law, NGOs, a free press, an independent judiciary and elections are anathema to dictators and dictatorial powers. So what is on the agenda for China?

The CCP intends to entice and corrupt any who will listen to their sweet voice of supposed reason, while it labels, waylays and destroys those who object. They are creating two societies in Taiwan, which are at loggerheads with each other. The strategy is called “Divide and conquer.”

The day may come when many people will put on a wedding dress, flee to China with all they can carry and leap into the CCP’s arms. The remaining population, unable to resist, will end up being enslaved and objectified like the Muslims of Xinjiang, the Tibetans and any one of the other 50 beleaguered minority groups in China.

Resist, speak out, foment revolution, keep the faith, stand up to the bully, become a nation of brave free spirits.

“Love Taiwan. Taiwan Forever.” People who can not say these things are not patriots.

Bode Bliss

Cleveland, Ohio

Typhoon preparedness

Three lessons should be taken on board by the human and environmental catastrophe in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

First, anthropogenic climate change does not cause typhoons, but it increases their likelihood and strength (“Is climate change to blame for Typhoon Haiyan?” Nov. 19, page 12).

Second, a massive typhoon will hit Taiwan — maybe next month, maybe in 10 years, but for sure at some point in time.

That is the nature of probability. Just as surely as there will be new record temperatures, as I mentioned in a previous letter (Letter, Aug. 12, page 8), a record typhoon will hit Taiwan.

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