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Strong chain to contain dictatorship

By Chen Pokong 陳破空

The CCP’s slogan is: “Stop Taiwanese independence and spur unification.” In recent years, the make-up of cross-strait relations has evolved, making it seem as if Beijing has effectively stopped independence efforts. Beijing will not quit and it will definitely take an even harder line on unification.

With the many incentives and threats the CCP has dished out, those in power have lost themselves and keep saying things indicating their loyalties are shifting to China.

Judging from the way things are going, independence can be forgotten; even the “status quo” will be difficult to maintain.

Taiwan should learn from the lessons provided by Tibet and Hong Kong. Neither managed to negotiate a political agreement with China’s authoritarian government, so how is Taiwan going to be able to pull this off? If it does manage to do it, what will the price be?

China has isolated Taiwan, but on a greater level, the US has isolated China. Although China is huge geographically, it is a desolate island amid the huge waves of the global trend of countries becoming increasingly civilized. It is the world’s last bastion of dictatorship.

China has started to show its true hegemonic face. It has started to cause frequent trouble in the South China Sea, the East China Sea and on its borders with India. It is precisely for this reason that Asia-Pacific nations have tripped over themselves in affiliating with the US with its policy of returning to the region. They are now starting to form regional alliances, joining hands to resist the CCP.

Taiwanese need to think hard about their role and position in regional alliances. The nation is located at a major juncture on the first island chain in East Asia and if it fails to participate in regional alliances, a link in this chain will be broken.

Taiwan must not become a weak link in the international strategy to contain this last bastion of dictatorship.

If the nation is to have a future it must handle relations with China and take part in the strategic alliances of the civilized world.

Wilson Chen is a Chinese democracy activist residing in the US.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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