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Ma looks after China’s self-interest

By Jerome Keating

In his self-interest, the president talks out of both sides of his mouth.

In one breath, he says that the time is not right for political talks, but in the next he says that they may happen at upcoming events despite the absence of calls for political talks from Taiwan.

Ma says that he will seek a political consensus before any negotiations, but then he proceeds to negotiate without that consensus.

From the fabricated “1992 consensus” on, all talks have been restricted to a party-to-party basis between the KMT and the CCP.

Taiwan is already a major investor in China; major industries have moved there.

Instead of putting more eggs in the China basket, the nation needs to develop a balanced international trade network.

If the KMT really has the nation’s self-interest at heart, it should spend its efforts on that.

The crucial question remains: If the ECFA brings no real economic advantage to China, what does China get from it?

This is what has been at the heart of Ma’s contrived attack on Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) who has pushed for further examination of the ECFA.

Taiwan is getting a raw deal and Ma is trying to salvage his reputation at the nation’s expense.

And China? One does not have to worry about China; it is taking care of its own self-interest well enough.

Jerome Keating is a commentator in Taipei.

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