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Returning the power to the people

By Citizen 1985 公民1985行動聯盟

There is still a long way before we reach the ideal, and we need to awaken more people to reach it. Our Aug. 3 protest proved that the nation is not cold-hearted, and the Oct. 3 protest showed that there is a civic society beyond the blue and green camps. Our actions might be peaceful, but we are not timid. This is a journey of public awakening. Do not forget that when we sang our theme song, adapted from Do You Hear The People Sing? of the musical Les Miserables, during the protests, the word “you” in the lyrics referred to the unawakened public — not those in power.

Hopefully, through our actions and debates, more people will come to understand their civic rights and learn how to bravely safeguard their rights and those of others. We should uphold the spirit of “One for all, all for one.” Taiwan can only become a great nation if there are more great citizens.

We will continue to use the Internet to encourage more exchanges between people with different stances. Through actual contact and debate, we may some day be able to reach a genuine “Taiwan consensus” that reaches beyond the blue and green camps.

It is also an urgent task for us to monitor the performance of the legislature, but it seems difficult for the public to do so through the Legislative Yuan’s bulletins or Internet video-on-demand system. As such, we plan to set up a Web site and to recruit volunteers to simplify the legislature’s review process using graphics to make it more interesting. By doing so, we can lower the threshold for monitoring the legislature’s performance and publicize the words and actions of lawmakers.

A young, creative, warm, mild, resolute and tolerant spirit is what our volunteers offer to the country. This is our country, and it needs more young people to love and change it through various actions.

Citizen 1985 is a social activist group.

Translated by Eddy Chang

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