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Debunking the misconception that women do not ‘do’ technology

Let us be honest about what technology is. From welding to icing cakes, it is time to give both men and women credit for the inventions that improve our lives

By Helen Czerski  /  The Guardian, LONDON


We do not have such a large barrier to overcome here; we have got the track record to prove that we can do this. We just have not seen it that way. History is full of examples hidden in plain sight. It is not just the female “computers” who did the calculations that helped break the Enigma code, or the seamstresses who made NASA’s first spacesuits. Sewing, knitting, cooking and jewelry-making should logically be labeled as technology.

Did anyone else notice that the appearance of the male celebrity chef coincided with

the appearance of kitchen mixers and blenders made of brushed steel? The machine is the same, but when you make it out of an industrial-looking material, it is suddenly easier for a man to own the kitchen. This is about appearance, not substance. We all eat food. There is no reason why one gender should be better than the other when it comes to preparing it.

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