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KMT local faction should fear Ma

By Paul Lin 林保華

Even business tycoon Li Kai-shing (李嘉誠), the richest man in Hong Kong, has sensed a difference since the 1997 handover of his nation. As a consequence, he is selling properties in Hong Kong and China and investing in Britain. There must be political considerations behind his decisions, as China expands its control over Hong Kong.

Since the KMT’s local factions are connected to grassroots forces, they care more about local interests. If the nation is eventually ruined by Ma, perhaps he can move to China or even the US, but most Taiwanese have no choice but to remain here and endure the fallout.

After Ma was indicted, in order to maintain his “clean” image, he expelled certain KMT members due to their alleged involvement in illegal conduct. However, almost all of the expelled members were Taiwan-born. Did KMT members from China have an exemption?

Even if the expelled members were involved in illegal conduct, the party should have punished them without harming Taiwan’s sovereignty; it should not have tried to replace them with businesspeople and money from China.

If the KMT’s local factions fail to unite against Ma now, they might suffer later if he regains his popularity. If that happens, they can not say they were not warned.

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Eddy Chang

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