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Climate change report is devastating, but skeptics see a conspiracy

By George Monbiot  /  The Guardian, LONDON

However, denial is only part of the problem. More significant is the behavior of powerful people who claim to accept the evidence.

This week the former Irish president Mary Robinson added her voice to a call that some of us have been making for years: The only effective means of preventing climate breakdown is to leave fossil fuels in the ground. Press any minister on this matter in private and, in one way or another, they will concede the point. Yet no government will act on it.

As if to mark the publication of the new report, the British Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has now plastered a giant poster across its ground-floor windows: “UK oil and gas: Energizing Britain. £13.5 billion [US$21.7 billion] is being invested in recovering UK oil and gas this year, more than any other industrial sector.”

The message could not have been clearer if it had said “up yours.” It is an example of the way in which all governments collaborate in the disaster they publicly bemoan. They sagely agree with the need to do something to avert the catastrophe the panel foresees, while promoting the industries that cause it.

It does not matter how many windmills or solar panels or nuclear plants you build if you are not simultaneously retiring fossil fuel production. We need a global program whose purpose is to leave most coal and oil and gas reserves in the ground, while developing new sources of power and reducing the amazing amount of energy we waste.

However, far from doing so, governments everywhere are still seeking to squeeze every drop out of their own reserves, while trying to secure access to other people’s.

As more accessible reservoirs are emptied, energy companies exploit the remotest parts of the planet, bribing and bullying governments to allow them to break open unexploited places: from the deep ocean to the melting Arctic.

And the governments who let them do it weep sticky black tears over the state of the planet.

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