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The Liberty Times Editorial: Media and Ma get interviews wrong

Ma gave up his presidential responsibility for mediation and got involved in things he should not have when he tried to control the legislature. This resulted in a constitutional storm, the like of which we have not seen in Taiwan for almost 20 years.

Ma has not engaged in any self-reflection and says the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is in power is because of its victory in the presidential election and because it won a majority in the legislature.

However, Ma’s voters now openly say they regret supporting him and his approval rating has plummeted to 9.2 percent — basically stripping him of all legitimacy to continue as president. What Ma needs is a stern warning that winning an election does not mean that he has a blank check to do whatever he pleases.

The president must act according to the promises made at his inaugurations, respect the Constitution and reflect on his actions at all times to see whether they are in in line with popular opinion. Ma cannot ignore the effects that his actions have and keep on doing as he pleases.

In response to the continuous drop in his approval ratings, Ma said that if one pays too close attention to particulars, nothing will ever get done. He added that if he failed to handle the Wang “issue,” there is no way the government could meet public expectations for a fair judicial system.

Obviously, Ma is not only incompetent and clueless when it comes to ruling the country, his moral character is also questionable.

The Wang case has yet to enter the judicial system, and the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Special Investigation Division announced that the case belongs in the realm of legislative self-discipline. Ma’s use of the KMT’s internal disciplinary procedures and the actions he has taken against Wang’s request for an injunction to keep his party membership are bringing much unrest to society.

Ma has made no comment about why the prosecutor general could go over the heads of his superiors and report directly to the president. Why did Ma use information gained from wiretapping to openly become involved in the allegations against Wang? Just how can Ma think that it is acceptable for the procuratorial system to make use of long-term wiretapping against his political enemies?

In democracies, scandals like this are more than enough to force a national leader to step down. How can Ma act as if nothing has happened? How can the media lack the courage to ask the difficult questions? Such open manipulation is the biggest shame and insult to democracy.


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