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US Fed should temper rush to start tapering

If just by talking about winding down its economic stimulus measures, the US central bank has already effectively tightened monetary policy — as seen by jittery market responses — the actual wind-down could damage an already weak recovery, leave hundreds of thousands without jobs and inflict long-term damage as more of the unemployed are seen as unemployable

By Paul Krugman  /  NY Times News Service

Suppose, on the other hand, that the Fed were to tighten early, then learn that it had moved too soon. This could damage an already weak recovery, causing hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in economic damage, leaving hundreds of thousands if not millions of additional workers without jobs and inflicting long-term damage as more of the unemployed are perceived as unemployable.

The point is that while there is legitimate uncertainty about what the Fed should be doing, the costs of being too harsh vastly exceed the costs of being too lenient. To err is human, to err on the side of growth is wise.

I would add that one of the prevailing economic policy sins of our time has been allowing hypothetical risks, like the fiscal crisis that never came, to trump concerns over economic damage happening in the here and now. I would hate to see the Fed fall into that trap.

So my message is: Do not do it. Do not taper, do not tighten, until you can see the whites of inflation’s eyes. Give jobs a chance.

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