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If these new restrictive laws are passed by the legislature, I expect a massive exodus of my friends who teach in Taiwan’s Montessori system, which has proven itself over decades.

Moving on, we learn that 70 percent of graduates now have a job unrelated to their major, and that many respondents now 20 to 29 years old realize their deficiencies at work, with a shocking 62.1 percent of graduates wishing they became more fluent in a foreign language while at school. Indeed, an unbelievable 64 percent of graduates said they “regret their choice of study” (“University courses poor predictors for careers,” Aug. 30, page 5).

Exactly what has the ministry been doing all these years, other than hollowing out the dreams of Taiwan’s youth and saddling them and their parents with education-related debt?

One could argue that if the ministry were so good at educating children, there would be no need for cram schools or private high schools and colleges, which sprang up because of the free market of ideas and education amid destructive government policies.

Furthermore, President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) compulsory 12-year brainwashing program is certain to turn out another generation of 20th-century students who will be entering a 21st century-employment environment: yet another fail.

Taiwan’s history is replete with idiots trying to suppress local languages in favor of the colonial masters of the era, which is reprehensible. Science proves that multilingual children have higher brainpower and achieve greater results.

Due to the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) colonial period (aka martial law) in Taiwan, students were taught to fear their teachers and sit quietly in the classroom, waiting to be asked questions, and this explains where we are today. This is disgraceful policy.

Torch Pratt

New Taipei City

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