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Trade agreement threatens Internet

By Lin Ying-dar 林盈達

The Chinese government controls its Internet more tightly than any other country. It is easy for the authorities there to keep tabs on individual and business users and to influence them.

China is Taiwan’s opponent both politically and militarily. How can Taiwan hand over its communications and network systems, which form the nation’s neural network, to Chinese companies that can so easily be controlled by the Chinese government? This scenario is a modern-day Trojan horse strategy, by which China seeks to gain control over Taiwan’s neural network under the guise of market deregulation.

Above all, the Chinese government wishes to monitor and control politicians, opinion leaders and other prominent social figures in Taiwan. Politicians, including legislators and officials, are going to be targeted whether they belong to the pan-blue or pan-green political camps.

When the time comes, the Chinese government will be able to use its access to sensitive information to coerce legislators and officials into acting in accordance with its wishes. This trend heralds the same kind of disaster for Taiwanese people as the Trojan horse brought to the people of ancient Troy.

Lin Ying-dar is a professor in National Chiao Tung University’s computer science department.

Translated by Julian Clegg

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