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Xinjiang, HK can teach Taiwan

By Paul Lin 林保華

The service trade agreement will leave Taiwan wide open to China and have an impact on millions of Taiwanese.

However, the Ma administration has used back-room deals to sign the agreement with China. It has also used “cold violence” to strip the Taiwanese of their most basic rights.

Given this, it is not at all wrong for the public and legislators to use extreme methods to protest this situation.

Taiwanese cannot be like the Chinese, who have become slaves under thousands of years of traditional Confucian education.

We need to use the blood that pumps in our veins to get rid of this slave mentality, if we are serious about protecting the universal value of human rights.

If peaceful and rational protest does not work, and when sovereignty and human rights are in danger, because those in power use sinister means and violent suppression, all men and women should unite in stronger protest.

Further, if a person is not angered by unfair speech and events, and acts as if they never happened, I would say that that person does not have any human feelings whatsoever.

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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