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Deciphering Xi’s recent meetings

By Lai I-chung 賴怡忠

The Xi-Wu meeting might also lead to the establishment of a new mechanism to replace the one established by Lien and Hu, thus displaying the particular features of China’s Taiwan strategy under Xi. Given that Ma had publicly endorsed Wu as his envoy and will recognize the result of his talks with Xi, it was no wonder that Xi proposed a four-point statement that might come to make up the political consensus between Ma and Xi.

Over the past eight years, Taiwan has been haunted by the “1992 consensus” backed by the Lien-Hu meeting. At the KMT-CCP forum last year, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Chairman Jia Qinglin (賈慶林) proposed the idea of “two sides [of the Taiwan Strait], one country.” Will the Xi-Wu meeting lead to more such terminology that abuses Taiwan?

After meeting Xi, Obama said his administration strongly supports the improvement in cross-strait relations that has taken place in the past few years and he expressed a hope that the process would continue in a way that would be acceptable to both sides. He also expressed disapproval of China’s push for political talks with Taiwan, and that is a valuable asset that Taiwan should work to consolidate.

The end results of the highly political meeting between Xi and Wu at this moment in time might cause the US position to collapse. This is a risk that me must not underestimate.

Lai I-chung is an executive committee member of the Taiwan Thinktank.


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