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In Taiwan’s case, it seems that the main goal is to preserve the status quo and maintain a stable environment through better relations with China, Taiwan’s other neighbors and improving the nation’s visibility in the international community.

The DPP and KMT might agree and eventually exclude cross-strait relations from their political agendas.

For the DPP, this would also be a reasonable step toward solving the difficulties it is having trying to formulate its cross-strait relations policy, which should be clearly different from the KMT’s stance.

As Ma’s policy of improving relations with China seems irreversible, it would be unlikely for the DPP to opt for an independence approach.

Although one KMT-DPP voice on China may seem impossible, it is worth considering.

A unified Taiwanese cross-strait agenda could strengthen the nation’s position in negotiations with China, resolve the DPP’s problem of formulating a China policy and allow the two main parties to focus their energy on domestic issues.

Justyna Szczudlik-Tatar

Warsaw, Poland

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