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However, Keynes’ influence does not end there. His “debt equals growth” model has clearly become the business model for the entire planet.

The ongoing frenzy to make short-term profits at the expense of humans’ long-term future is insane, with deforestation and overfishing just two examples of the alarming “hockey stick graphs” that I am seeing more frequently and which contribute to my “doomer” outlook.

Not only will continuing on this vein end badly, but people cannot seem to comprehend how paper money is simply paper, backed only by the faith of those who use it as a proxy for a method of exchange. However, it is obviously not a store of value when you look at the charts, especially the US dollar and now the Japanese yen, and this unfairly punishes old people around the world.

A global economic correction is overdue as the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and others continue the farce of throwing digital money at a problem that they created, without sound money.

Reversion to the mean will be very tricky for Taiwan once China’s economy collapses amid their so-called reforms. The future will not resemble the past, starting as soon as we all start learning about what’s really going on around here and the many “black swans” that are circling overhead.

“The future is uncertain and the end is always near” is wonderful investment advice and I am buying gold coins whenever I can. In my view, time is running out for the “smart money” to pile into profitable, actionable investments like stacking gold and silver like a pirate.

Unless you are a lemming, it pays to be early when the stampede starts. As seen in the film The Matrix, there are exit doors — if you can find them.

Torch Pratt

New Taipei City

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