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The Medicare Prescription Act Part D, now law in the US, states that the US government may not negotiate volume discounts of any medication or provide cheaper, generic drugs in place of expensive brand-name ones.

One of the keystones of Taiwan’s healthcare system is the widespread use of generic drugs that are given to patients for free. If you think that this will survive the TPP, you are living in a fairy tale.

Joining the TPP would cause the deaths of untold thousands in Taiwan because many people will not be able to afford the brand-name medications that they will have to pay for themselves.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a complex amalgamation of agreements shrouded in secrecy and designed to impose the will of multinational corporations on member states in a wide variety of economic and social arenas.

The Taipei Times is the only organization in Taiwan that can take up the task of informing the public of this nefarious, evil scheme — please do not fail us.

John Hanna


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