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The Liberty Times Editorial: Ma’s policies not to help population

Meanwhile, under this excessive governmental supervision, the nation’s finance industry can hardly move forward. Like carp forced to forage for the limited pickings in a small pond, they will not perish, but neither will they be able to grow.

The government needs to be consistent, to avoid applying one standard here and another there, and needs to think about the overall situation. It cannot behave as if it has nobody to answer to and that the public have no right to object.

Through communication and public debate, and a respect for public opinion, the government could come up with good policies that are in the interests of the nation.

This is the best way to come up with policy, and it is a shame that the government’s current policy creation model is the exact opposite of this: A single person making all the decisions within a top-down structure in which what officials think is more important than what the public thinks, appealing to empty morality instead of professionalism, applying double standards, insisting on partisan compliance and not tolerating dissent within the party.

All of the above leads to policies that run counter to public opinion and to what the country actually needs.

However, the government insists on forcing such policies upon us. In the end, the public is going to turn its back on this government.

Translated by Paul Cooper

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