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The Liberty Times Editorial: Common sense about nuclear power

Furthermore, we can develop alternative energy sources, so there is no reason to worry about a lack of power.

Third, Taipower is a state-owned enterprise and even if the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is not finished and almost NT$300 billion in construction costs is listed as a loss, the government would still have to take care of these, otherwise the nation would be bankrupt and nobody would be willing to buy Taiwanese government bonds in the future.

Fourth, as long as there is power available for use, local businesses and foreign investors will not care about how that power is produced.

Germany, for example, has already reduced its use of nuclear power, but we have not heard any reports of foreign investment stagnating or its stock markets plummeting because it wants to become a nuclear-free country.

It is therefore very hard to believe the talk about how foreign investment in Taiwan will stop and how our stock market will suffer if construction on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant is halted.

Common sense is a powerful tool indeed. Common sense has led to many great achievements.

US political activist and revolutionary Thomas Paine authored a pamphlet called Common Sense that proved to be the most powerful ideological weapon in the battle for independence.

In the battle against the construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant, common sense will become a force that will lead the public in the right direction and will also serve as their most powerful weapon.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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