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Poor and stateless?

Forbes magazine has recently published the “club of 69 high-income nations” (those with a per-capita income of more than US$12,000 per year) which includes South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

China, with a per-capita income of US$6,000 per year, is on its way to becoming one, possibly in eight years.

Taiwan is conspicuously missing from this “rich list.”

Is Taiwan’s per-capita income less than US$12,000 a year now?

If so, Taiwan’s past economic miracles have gone down the drain and the nation has been replaced by Macau as one of the “Four Little Dragons of Asia.”

Taiwanese have a right to complain about their poor economic situation and the bad policies of their government.

Or is Taiwan considered a “non-nation” — like “Island China” or “Chinese Taipei” under “One China” — and thus omitted from the list?

If so, the nation is well below Hong Kong and Macau in status. Taiwan is no longer “the second Hong Kong.”

It has been reduced to being “next to Hong Kong and Macao.”

In many international patent applications, Taiwan is not listed as one of many designated states for patent rights.

Also, Taiwanese tourists often have to fill out visa entry forms that do not offer Taiwanese as an option for nationality.

Taiwanese, are you really poor and stateless?

At least you have a rich ruling political party and a president re-elected by the people!Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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