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PTS issue more than meets the eye

By Liu Chin-hsin 劉進興

The review process has already taken two years. There are those who do not care about the details and only want us to clear the nominees, irrespective of whether they are suitable.

However, the first nominations list included Chen Sheng-fu (陳勝福), suggested by Lin Yi-shih. The second list did not have a single representative of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

It is because some members of the review committee took their responsibilities seriously, and thanks to the checks and balances in place, that the third list was slightly more representative and inclusive.

We want this list passed, but the KMT-nominated members have closed down the nominations of 4-Way Voice chief editor Chang Cheng (張正) and former radio broadcaster Liu Ming (劉銘) — who would have represented the voice of the disadvantaged; academics Lin Li-yun (林麗雲), director of National Taiwan University’s School of Journalism, and National Chengchi University Department of Journalism associate professor Liu Chang-de (劉昌德) and Olympic bronze medalist Chi Cheng (紀政), who is a household name.

Not one of them voted for Chi: Was this coincidence, or the result of directives from on high?

We will continue to resist, and to make sure that people can see the true face of the KMT. But don’t just look at the PTS boards review process, look beyond to what is happening as the whole country is being subjected to the same kind of treatment and abuse.

Pay no heed to those who would have you believe that all this wrangling is just about fighting between the pan-blue and pan-green camps. A friend of mine said it well: Blaming these disagreements purely on the struggle between the pan-blue and pan-green camps is reactionary, and conceals the true nature of what is going on. As such it should be disregarded.

Liu Chin-hsin is a member of the review committee for the Public Television Service board of directors and board of supervisors.

Translated by Paul Cooper

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