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The Liberty Times Editorial: ‘Southern Weekly’ encourages ‘Fury’

As a hostile foreign force, China is constantly meddling in Taiwanese affairs and the Taiwanese media in particular.

Chinese infringement on Taiwanese freedoms include attempts to describe the Chinese dictatorship as good and powerful, while denigrating Taiwanese democracy and independence, creating a perception of what is politically correct that is suitable to Taiwan’s current government, destroying the media’s position as the fourth estate and turning reporters into tools for persecuting people of differing opinions, promoting media owners’ political and commercial interests and eliminating media diversity to deprive the public of their right to express an opinion.

Some of these infringements are already having an effect and the unscrupulous use of the media as a private tool has become a component in Taiwan’s destruction. And all this is happening on President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) watch.

On Sunday, the DPP staged its “Fury” anti-government rally, with calls against media monopolization one of the main issues. The Southern Weekly incident lent the demonstration even more urgency.

Taiwanese have worked hard for so many years to create what they have today: Will Taiwan now be brought down to China’s level?

If Ma and the KMT continue to refuse to provide an answer, Taiwanese should all use their civil rights and take to the streets and demand an answer.

Translated by Perry Svensson

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