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The Liberty Times Editorial: China launches culture offensive

The event’s Taiwanese organizers echoed Fan’s sentiment, expressing their dismay and regret over what they called the politicization of this event by some people in Taiwan for their own motives.

This is a typical example of Chinese officialdom, along with certain people in Taiwan who long to be unified with China, feigning innocence and even accusing others to cover up for their own dishonesty, as they so often do.

As everyone knows, there is no such term in the Chinese Communist Party’s dictionary as “art for art’s sake.” As long ago as 1942, former Chinese leader Mao Zedong (毛澤東) used his speech at the Yanan Forum on Literature and Art to lay down the line that art should serve politics.

Considering this background, along with China’s ongoing efforts to annex Taiwan by any possible means, an activity such as the Chinese Music Chart concert, sponsored as it was by a state-owned company and going under the guise of an entertainment exchange, is definitely not just a matter of “art for art’s sake.” If it were really a purely artistic event, and if it had been organized according to the principles of openness, equality and dignity, it would not have aroused such a lot of suspicion or caused offense to Taiwanese. The response of the organizers and their backers to the barrage of criticism, by accusing their critics of politicizing the issue, is no more than malicious mudslinging.

There are a lot of people who have had dealings with China and claim that those dealings are just innocent contacts with no political pressures involved. It is high time for those people to wake up. Over the past two decades and more, Taiwanese politicians and businesspeople have been transferring Taiwan’s economic and manufacturing assets to China in a big way, while saying that economics and business can be kept separate from politics. Of course, some people have made a lot of money out of their investments in China. Some of them now want to use some of that money to buy up media outlets in Taiwan so they can publish and broadcast content that is to China’s liking.

However, many more Taiwanese factory owners in China are now getting elbowed out of the more developed regions to make room for more high-tech businesses. Another effect is that Taiwan has become increasingly vulnerable to being pushed toward unification by economic pressures. These realities do not stop some people from fooling themselves, and trying to fool others, with talk of China changing from the workshop of the world into the world’s biggest market, or of reorienting toward the domestic market, or even a “peace dividend.”

Those who deal with China, but claim that it is “just business” or “just art,” are living in a fantasyland. Ma and his administration are the worst offenders of all, as they extend this notion of “just” this and “just” that to include areas like national security, foreign relations, culture and education. They are doing just what China wants, and that is the main reason for the national crisis that now confronts us.

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