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All academic thought can come up with to respond to crime is doing the same thing as the criminals themselves.

Criminals are products of societies. To prove that here is an example: If a country has a crime rate of 11 percent and nothing changes in the country, the crime rate is always the same year after year, it does not go up to 50 percent then drop to 3 percent the next year. You do not know who is going to commit the crime but you do know it will happen with uncanny accuracy.

The whole universe operates on this principle of uncertainty creating certainty, of which quantum mechanics and solar systems are good examples.

Norway recently set an excellent example for the world with the trial of Anders Brevic. We saw restraint, intelligence and dignity.

You will be judged by your actions, so make sure the point you want to make is the right one. All the would-be killers in your culture will see that if you really believe you are justified in putting a bullet in someone’s head, it is OK for them to do it. It is a sign of revenge, but surely not intelligence.

I have no sympathy for the criminals, but this letter is not about the actions of criminals, instead it highlights the importance of highly educated, civilized people setting good examples.

Peter Cook

Greater Taichung

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